We are now offering

Modern Flower Preservation

to the greater Milwaukee area!

Enjoy your wedding flowers forever with modern flower preservation in Milwaukee! We thought we’d try our hand at flower preservation and we fell in love with the process. Instead of shipping your bouquet across the country, enjoy the comfort and security of having someone local in the Milwaukee area create a one of a kind piece of art with some of the most cherished flowers you’ll ever carry.

We take your wedding flowers and dry them in silica gel so they retain their shape and color. (Due to the nature of flowers, sometimes the preservation process can be unpredictable. Colors may change upon drying and encasing in resin.) We then cast them in the highest quality resin on the market. We’ve been testing out different resins since 2019 and found the perfect resin that outlasts others.  You will receive all leftover flowers not used in your pieces. Please allow 12 weeks or more for the preservation process, sometimes longer during our busy months.  You don’t have to order your flowers with Alfa in order for us to work with you as we accept flowers from anywhere. We provide flower preservation to the greater Milwaukee area and beyond with a drop off location at our shop in Wauwatosa as well as Menasha in the Fox Valley area where the preservation process takes place. To view more of our work, check out our special Instagram page here or our partner’s website (The Preserved Peony) here to fill out the contact form, and learn a little more about the process. Space is limited as we can only process so many flowers at a time. Reservations are required.